Private Cloud

Private clouds provide computing power as a service within a virtualised environment.

  • Private cloud is a derived model of cloud computing.
  • They involve distinct and secure cloud-based environment in which can be operated by a single operator.
  • They use an underlying pool of physical computing resources.
  • Greater control and privacy are provided for a single organization.
  • It is flexible of using self-service, resource pooling, and a measured service.
  • Its storage capacity is similar to cloud computing capacity.
  • It allows users to create Virtual data centers with virtual servers, firewalls, and networks
  • Private Cloud is aimed at enterprise and business audience.
  • Private cloud is easy to operate and user understandable.

special features of our Private Cloud

High Security and Privacy. This is achieved by distinct pools resource with access restricted to connections made from one organization’s firewall

More Control. It is achieved as the private cloud can only be accessed by a single organization.

Cost and energy efficient. It improves the allocation of resources ensuring the availability of the resources.

Highly Reliable. Resources like Server, network etc that are often accessed can be maintained easily.

Cloud bursting is also provided.

Efficient use of the computing resource than traditional LANs.

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