Service Level Agreement

Servers Provider Uptime and SLA
Servers Provider hereby, makes all the possible commercial efforts to make its services available at the industry level by 99.95 of the time in the whole calendar year to its customers. If we fail to deliver, then you can apply for the following mentioned services credits provided by our company for any sort of inconveniences that has occurred from our side. 
Downtime: If the error rate of our server services reaches 7% then we will calculate user error by server monitoring software like Hyperspin and based on the obtained results from the test like ping test and various web server test, TCP-IP test and website test we will calculate downtime. 

SLA- Service Level Agreement
Servers Provider provides service level at different level like
1) Customer-based SLA
2) Service-based SLA
3) Multilevel SLA

Customer-based SLA

At this level, we file an agreement with a single or individual customer of an organization covering all kind of services they use. 

How comes under Customer-based SLA?

An SLA agreement for IT service provider, finance department like finance system, payroll system, billing system etc.

Service-based SLA

At this level, we file an agreement with all customers using the services being delivered by the service provider. 

How comes under Service-based SLA?

1)A mobile service provider
2)An email system for the entire organization, the staff of head office may use our services.

Multilevel SLA

We come with agreement with 
1) Corporate-level SLA: We cover all the generic level services that were requested by corporate organizations.
2) Customer-level SLA: We cover all the service level management issues for an individual client based on their requirements and independent of services used. 
3) Service-level SLA: We cover all the service level management issues only for the opted services package. 
Service Credits
We provide our service credits
1) One week Credit: uptime of 99.95 to 97.7 5% will be provided. 
2)Two week Credit: uptime of 97.95 to 95.7 20% will be provided. 
3) One month Credit: uptime less than 95.75 50% will be provided.


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